North Cestrian School

where individuals thrive


Thank you for visiting North Cestrian’s website. In these pages, I hope to convey the dynamic, joyful, nurturing and family atmosphere of this great school. Visitors often comment on their delight at seeing busy children with smiles on their faces. Our small class sizes allow the caring and dedicated staff to get to know each and every pupil – their strengths, weaknesses, hopes and fears. In this way we strive to build every child up to achieve their full potential in whatever spheres their talents lie. In a disciplined environment, pupils here are confident to learn, question and challenge.

Mr. L. R. Bergin BA (Hons), PGCE NPQH

Boys and girls come to us from a wide variety of starting points. Many are sons and daughters of Old Cestrian who want their children to receive the special experience of this school. Others come here because they know they will be stretched and given ambitious academic targets to fulfill. Some value the extra time and support and individualized care we can offer to those who have specific personal and educational needs. However, all come because they know they will be safe and valued as a unique person.

In my role I am very mindful of North Cestrian’s traditions, history, ethos and the affection by which it is held by generations of boys and girls who have walked its corridors. With this in mind, the next phase is to prepare for the fast changing world ahead of us and to nurture young people who leave ready to face the challenges of developing economic climates, technological advances, adjusting political landscapes and environmental upheavals. Their world will be very different than the world we currently inhabit.

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