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At North Cestrian it’s important that all students are fully supported and guided through the process of planning for their futures. With an appointed career professional and a programme of education, information, advice and guidance for all students from Years 7-11 we believe our students are well       prepared for their futures. All staff at North Cestrian School play an active role in preparing students. We have a full programme of Careers education which is delivered through Personal Development time, morning briefings & assemblies, STEM visits, Colleges visits and also within individual departments   and form time. 1:1 independent Career advice completes our Career support in order to make the next steps as personal and accurate as possible.


All students will:

· Develop a deeper understanding of themselves, their abilities and affinities

· Gain a greater knowledge of the range of opportunities open to them

· Take part in work & leadership related activities in and out of North Cestrian

· Understand the labour market and the requirements and expectations of employers

· Learn to make decisions wisely about their future

· Be fully prepared to manage change and be fully supported through key transitions periods

· Learn how to improve their own employability: how to find work, how to get work and how to progress their careers

North Cestrian is proud of our relationship with our key local providers. These providers allow access for our students to engage with pre-option assemblies in Yr.9 to personalised Face2Face meetings with our KS4 students during assemblies as they form their ideas for College Applications.

Personal Development – Careers @NCS

North Cestrian’s programme is delivered within the Personal Development Scheme of work and is delivered to our students in three fortnightly blocks. Each block is completed in weeks 5&6, so every student receives six Career sessions per term accounting for every term within each block Career guidance covers 6 PD sessions. This results in a pupil receiving 18 Careers sessions in a year (12 in Year 11 due to GCSE Examinations). This is further supplemented by personalised sessions for transition year groups in Yr.9 Options and Yr.11 College applications which include enrichment opportunities, guest speaker briefings and STEM University visits.

 Each block is tailored to cover three areas of Careers:

 1) Aspirations and Careers

2) Employability

3) Curriculum Vitae

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