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Very high levels of discipline ensure that learning is given the top priority. The school's values are; hard work, honesty and fairness. Pupils are constantly drilled on the very high expectations of behaviour so that every minute of each lesson is spent productively. This makes lessons enjoyable, challenging and purposeful.

We require all our pupils to address all staff with good manners. At a basic level this requires the use of ‘Sir’ or 'Miss’ in the conversation. This isn’t some power trip by staff. It sets the boundaries of the relationship between the pupil and adults. This works both ways in preserving necessary authority. Likewise, we expect pupils to use ‘excuse me’ to interject a conversation. It’s polite, and it’s right to do so. Treating people with respect is a responsibility of all our pupils and staff. It’s in our code of conduct: pg 14 of the Learning Journal which is provided to your child when they start at School.