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Media  Studies GCSE – (AQA 8572)

Overview - We believe that the study of Media is essential to any young person as it helps you to think analytically about the world of media ‘product’ that surrounds and profoundly influences us.

We teach pupils the skills to dissect agendas, and have much more agency and control over their own lives, in areas such as advertising and social media. Pupils are very engaged with Media as it is a contemporary and interactive subject that encourages creativity, analytical, research, and communication skills, through exploring a range of media forms and perspectives. 

We study television, film, gaming, apps, radio, magazines, newspapers, advertising and social media, amongst others; 18 Media ‘texts’ plus the chance to create their own in coursework.

Many pupils choose GCSE Media Studies for its relevance to their lives and for the opportunities it provides for exploring issues through the use of different media in creative and practical ways.  

If your interests, skills or career ambitions match any of these, Media Studies is for you:

  • Journalism and publishing
  • Advertising and marketing/PR 
  • Sociology/Psychology/Philosophy 
  • Gaming  
  • Social Media/Communications 
  • Film/TV/Radio/Performing Arts 
  • Government and politics 
  • Art and design 
  • Information technology/Computer Science 
  • English Language/Literature