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Sport and Physical Education at North Cestrian School provides a diverse curriculum and extra-curricular programme to encourage students from all abilities to develop a lasting passion for sport and physical activity.  Sport at North Cestrian is viewed as a vehicle to enhance the character of the individual and to further embed the ethos of the school. 

We recognise that Sport and Physical Education has a huge role to play in promoting long term, heathy lifestyles and encourage learners to acknowledge the many ways the subject can impact on their holistic health. 

We believe that the sport and physical activity we deliver at North Cestrian is for everyone, regardless of ability.  All students are able to engage with a comprehensive number of activities in the curriculum and have access to a vast number of extra-curricular activities that are carefully chosen to maximise the opportunity to engage in different sports.

North Cestrian have a rich history of competitive sport.  Since it’s existence, the school has subscribed to many different leagues, competitions and tournaments and has boasted some success. We as a school, recognise the importance of competition and currently subscribe to the Trafford Borough School Competitions in a variety of different sports.  This gives students the opportunity to represent the school in a plethora of different sporting scenarios.  Students who compete, develop a sense of pride and belonging that impacts on their holistic development and leaves a lasting personal effect on them. 

Our school boasts a large playing field area that is maintained by full times ground staff that ensure playing surfaces are of the highest quality.  These are a short walk away from the school.  At the main site, students have access to a dance studio, sports hall and a multipurpose room. 


  • North Cestrian are proud to represent in Trafford football competitions at every year group.  Throughout a students time here, there is an opportunity to represent the school from Year 7 right through until Year 11. 
  • We adopt a consistent approach across our boys and girls teams and both have the opportunity to play in the same number of fixtures.
  • For those who choose not to play competitively, there are extra-curricular clubs that promote mass participation.  These are often delivered by teaching staff as well as expert coaches.


  • Basketball features on the Physical Education curriculum during the Basketball season to maximise practice time and opportunities for success for our students. 
  • North Cestrian compete in Trafford Basketball leagues in the Year 8/9 and Year 10/11 leagues.  This entails the hosting of fixtures and allows students to travel to various schools across the borough to showcase their skills.
  • All games are extremely competitive and many of our representatives choose to pursue the sport outside of school in local clubs.


  • Netball features prominently in both our curriculum and extra-curricular programme.  Similarly, to football, here, at North Cestrian we are proud to have a representative team at every year group.  Our teams benefit from expert support from staff who regularly compete to a high standard in the sport in their own lives. 
  • The Netball season allows for a vast number of fixtures and commences with a seeding night that allows all teams to play a vast amount of games. 

Outdoor Adventurous Activity (OAA)

  • Student voice plays into our approach here at North Cestrian and in recent years, our learners have highlighted their enjoyment of OAA.  This has helped us to implement a varied OAA curriculum.  Students will take part in OAA lessons that feature orienteering, problem-solving, team building and focus on the benefits of being outdoors and how this can impact on a healthy lifestyle.
  • To compliment this, during KS3, students have the opportunity to attend an OAA themed residential trip to Glan Llyn Outdoor Centre in Bala, North Wales.  Here, they are able to refine their skills in rock climbing, archery, canoeing etc.
Summer Sports

Athletics / Striking and Fielding games

  • During Summer term, students can take part in a variety of activities.  Athletics, cricket, and rounders will all be accessed by students and there are extra-curricular clubs to reflect this. 
  • Students have had excelled at Trafford Athletics competitions where some have gone on to compete in England’s performance age groups squads.

Other Sports / Competitions

  • Swimming – Trafford Gala
  • Cross Country – cross-country continues to enter every year group.  
  • Engage & Excite – NCS has enrolled into sports festivals designed to increase participation for SEN students. 
  • Year 7 transition sport festival
  • Trampolining (external school-based competition)