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Physical Education

Sports Clubs in the Community

Core p.e. timetable

ks4 - OCR Sport science

Year 10 

Delivery of new Sports Science curriculum.  . 

R181 (40%) 

  • Delivery of different topic areas is taught concurrently by 2 members of staff. 
  • TA3 allows for a practical element of PE to be introduced. 
  • TA4 completed after TA1, TA2 and TA3 completion.  Review and analysis of TA1-3 must be included in this piece. 
  • Final submission of R181 is in May. 

R181: Applying the principles of training and how it affects skill performance. 

Year 11 

R180 (40%) 

  • Reducing the risk of sports injuries and dealing with common medical conditions 
  • Exam 

R182 (20%)  

  • The body’s response to physical activity and how technology informs this.