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Pupil Absence

It is a legal requirement for students to attend school except in case of illness or with the permission of the Headmaster to be absent.  Persistent absence, i.e. where attendance falls below 90%, may result in referral to the Local Authority Education Welfare Officer.  We aim to achieve a minimum of 95% attendance rate.

Every minute at school is vital. Requests for absence for holidays, visits and the like will not be authorised.   As a school we fully endorse British Values, one of which is respect for other people’s faiths.  Pupils will be authorised absence for two days maximum for religious observation.  Requests should be made by completing a leave of absence form in advance.  However, in order to be fair and consistent, the Headmaster may request confirmation of a requirement for observation from an appropriate religious leader.

Parents are asked to contact the school on every day of a student’s absence from school because of illness or an emergency. The best way is to phone school and leave a message on the dedicated absence reporting option.  Please ensure you report the pupils name, their year group/form and reason for absence. Special instructions e.g. after operations should also be sent in writing.

If an absence is anticipated, for example a doctor’s appointment, then these can be approved by the form tutor, to whom notice should be given.  Requests for absence for exceptional circumstances for example, attending a family funeral, should be made by completing leave of absence form in advance 

Students need to be present at 08.35 when the register is taken in order to gain an attendance mark.

Students arriving after this time must enter through the front door and sign in at the Reception. Pupils who habitually arrive late with no reasonable excuse will serve a 30-minute late detention.

The first point of contact for any attendance or absence notifications should be Mrs McKenzie who is situated in Reception. 

Please telephone school by 9.00am if your child will not be in school that day. Alternatively, you may email absence@northcestrian.co.uk.

Where possible, please ensure all appointments are made outside of school hours. We understand this may not always be possible and request that appointment cards/letters be provided for your child’s attendance file.

Please see Illness and your Child's education for further information and guidance.