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What are you reading?

Click the image on the left to go to the Form.  Answer the questions and submit your reflection. Your teacher will award points and guide your curiosity’s next steps.  

Show your genuine, significant, and sustained sophistication in lessons and beyond.  But first, choose your cultural capital opportunity from the library below…

To be ready for the next stage of education, Key Stage 4 and qualifications, we expect pupils to purposefully show how they are motivated to study and specialise in their choice of GCSEs.  

When "choosing options in Year 9", only pupils who have shown successful pursuit of cultural capital opportunities and character development in those subjects will be best placed to build successful applications to be selected to study subjects. It will be a competitive field of applicants for limited places!  

One of the ways to be successful is to read the subject's editions in the NCS 100 Journals. Through the journals and the tasks set by teachers, pupils' sophistication will grow. You will be able to lead debates and present information to take lesson-based learning further. 

The tasks and journals below are available from your teacher and in the dining hall.